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I neglected to mention this:

Some might be bringing to question just how beautiful I truly am. I have references.

"You're just so handsome" - Peterthelover's mother, Carol.

"Wow! You have stubble, you're growing up!" - blakethelover

More to come, I'm sure of it.

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Ladies, please get in line to be satisfied, as I know women like to be objectified, and be made to feel less than their actual worth.

These are things that lovers just know. When my parents leave the house, I will invite you over. Maybe two or more of you, even. I will satisfy your desire to submit to me, as I know that is what women truly want from a man. I will also let you make me breakfast in bed, because in addition to being bisexual nymphomaniacal sluts, you obviously dig makin' the P-man his brekkie.

How can I know so much about the ladies? I'm Peter The Lover.


THE Lover.
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Metropolitan Toronto Zoo

Ladies, I wish to go to the zoo.

Peter loves walking the paths with the animal foot-prints. It helps him focus his energy on pleasing the ladies, and also on seeing the best the zoo has to offer.

Peter does not love the Canada exhibit, as raccoons don't appeal to his inner person.

Peter would love to go to the zoo. Discreetly message me and we will "safely" go to the zoo sometime.

Are you a woman in need of a release?

Are you a woman in need of a release?
Are your job, school, or kids taking so much time that you can't fit a relationship in? Husband or boyfriend a subpar lover? Is he non-communicative and insensitive to your needs, physically or mentally? ...or maybe you just don't know how to improve/enjoy your sex life? Zing!!!! Look no further!

Cracker male will teach you.
Let me show you what a REAL man is. I want to show you diagrams. I will be your friend and Love Guru. I will fulfill your needs and desires while you laugh at me, achieving happiness and satisfaction, guaranteed. I am a 22 year old, 5'11", slim, powerful(IM PYCHIC LOL), sensual, attractive(but not to josephthelover) man who will perform all sexual activities in a very "safe" and "discreet" manner, which will allow you to reach sexual gratification. The release you, as a sensual woman deserve, only you'll soon after wonder why I've put those terms in quotations.

Just discreetly leave me a e-mail address or number and I will contact you. You can delete the message after you post it; I will still get it in my inbox.

NOTE: put your applications in now at the earliest, to avoid the long wait it might take for a response, seeing my mom won't let me near the computer after dinner.
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